Research Awards and Fellowships

Data Management and Data Sharing Workshop for Science and Technology Studies. National Science Foundation. Co-principal investigator with Dr. Edward J. Hackett, Dr. Jane Maienschein, and Dr. Manfred Laubichler. ($39,268) 

Investigating Radically Creative Groups. Drescher Research Endowment, Barrett Honors College. Principal Investigator. ($5,000)

Sensible Science: A Sociometric Approach to Collaboration to Synthesis Groups. National Science Foundation. Co-principal investigator with Dr. Edward Hackett. ($260,000)

Data Sharing in Science and Technology StudiesSociety for Social Studies of Science. Co-Principal Investigator with Dr. Edward J. Hackett and Dr. Wesley Shrum. ($15,000)

Coherent Groups and Scientific ChangeDrescher Research Endowment, Barrett Honor College. Principal Investigator. ($5,000)

Advancing Theory and Research on Scientific SynthesisUS National Evolutionary Synthesis Center. Principal Investigator with Dr. Edward J. Hackett, Arizona State University. ($50,000)

Collaboration in the Health and Life SciencesDutch Center for Society and Genomics. Co-principal Investigator with Dr. Bart Penders and Dr. Niki Vermeulen. (€ 5,000)

Samara River Valley: Bronze Age Politics and Twenty-First Century Collaborations. (2008). Arizona State University Office of Global Engagement. Principal  Investigator with Dr. Achim Hermann and Dr. Laura Popova. ($20,000)

Ecology and Global Environmental PolicyArizona State University Office of Strategic Initiatives. Co-principal Investigator with Dr. Clark Miller. ($50,000) 

Millennium Interdisciplinary Dissertation FellowshipArizona State  University Division of Graduate Studies. Principal Investigator. ($17,000)

The Integration of Ecology and the Social SciencesNational Science  Foundation Dissertation Grant. Coprincipal Investigator with Dr. Edward  Hackett University ($12,000)

International Summer Research GrantNational Science Foundation. Principal  Investigator. ($9,000)

Integrative Graduate Education and ResearchTraining FellowshipNational Science Foundation. ($150,000)